Use of the library

Die während der Corona-Pandemie geltenden Nutzungsbedingungen entnehmen Sie bitte der IOS-Homepage.

The library in „Wissenschaftszentrum Ost-und Südosteuropa“ is a scientific special library that is accessible to the public. A user pass is not necessary. It is a reference library which provides the possibility of borrowing over the weekend (Friday 12 a m to Monday 12 a m); the journal collection is excluded. Orders are accepted by the reading room librarian. The ordered books are supplied immediately. In the reading room the user finds common and geographical reference books, dictionaries and handbooks. In the exhibition of newspapers and journals are accessible the current issues of 660 titles. For enquiries and reading there are two PCs with connection to the internet and eight reading places with wall-sockets. For copying there is a copying-press.
The collections of the Institut für Ostrecht are located in the rooms of the institute on the 2nd floor. There a reading room is available. The special literature referring to the different countries, periodical literature and the collections of jurisdiction are stored as reference library in the rooms of the country referents. The literature can be used in the reading room of the institute. For use of the reference library the country referent has to be consulted. The registration of visitors of Institut für Ostrecht library and online search in the collections is to be done in the common reading room at the ground floor.
Opening hours of the library in “Wissenschaftszentrum Ost- und Südosteuropa”:
Monday – Thursday 10.00 – 17.00
Friday 10.00 – 16.00
Possibility of parking (parking licence card available in the reading room)