Regensburger Bibliotheksverbund (RBV)
The Regensburg Library Network (RBV) is a cooperation of libraries, archives and documentation institutions in different ownership from the city and the region of Regensburg. It is supported by the City and the University of Regensburg.

osmikonosmikon. Das Forschungsportal zu Ost-, Ostmittel- und Südosteuropa
osmikon is an interdisciplinary portal that offers the academic community a wide range of information on the field of East European studies. Comprehensive search possibilities enable access to specialized academic information on history, language, literature, politics, information science and culture of East, Central East and South East European countries and historical regions. All contents are academically relevant and are catalogued according to international library standards. The library of the Institute for East and Southeast European Studies is responsible for the “Essays and articles database Eastern Europe” that contains articles in currently 261 mostly historical journals.

ireonIREON – The International Relations and Area Studies Gateway
IREON is an interdisciplinary service, permitting cross-database search in bibliographic databases. Currently, the emphasis is on politics, economy, regional studies and related subjects such as international law, climate research or cultural sciences, if they influence the international system. The focus is on foreign, security economic and development policy world-wide. Subject searches are facilitated by the cataloguing of all items with subject headings and/or abstracts. In the gateway, consisting of 12 members, the library of Institute for East and Southeast European is responsible for the region of South East Europe.

ABDOSArbeitsgemeinschaft der Bibliotheken und Dokumentationsstellen der Ost-, Ostmittel- und Südosteuropaforschung (ABDOS)
The association of libraries and documentation centers for the East, East Central and Southeast European Studies (ABDOS) is a cooperation between institutions and individuals, that acquire, collect and document literature from and about East, East Central and Southeast Europe; and on those sites; but it is also open to all who deal with Eastern Europe in research and teaching.

ASpB Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Spezialbibliotheken (AspB)
The AspB is an association of approximately 1,000 special libraries (libraries and information centers in research institutions, companies, government agencies, museums, religious institutions, etc.) in German-speaking countries.

German Library Association (dbv)
For 65 years the association has represented the interests of libraries and their users in Germany. Through its intensive contacts to all political levels it strengthens their role in society.The association has more than 2,100 members nationwide including more than 3,000 libraries and their branches. Its sophisticated member network supports the continual development of libraries.